kamienica ciszyn rynek 20

A pearl of history and architecture midway between Vienna and Warsaw.

The Investment is located in the elegant tenement building at ul. Rynek 20 in Cieszyn, which previously hosted the Brown Hart Hotel. The building will include 36 single and two-level apartments, with floor areas ranging from 49 to 135 sq.m.

„Rynek 20” is an ideal location for people who value luxury in historical climates. Cieszyn still allows to breathe the air of Habsburg Europe. Years ago, the site was developed as a hotel, a prime venue in the city. Guests included Joseph II, tsars Paul I and Alexander I, Duke Condé and Maria Theresa, the daughter of Louis XVI. Hotel restaurant with ballroom was the most exquisite throughout Cieszyn Silesia.

The Investor

Niter Enterprise Sp. z o.o., operating on the luxury apartment real properties market, is the investor. The company focuses on offering exclusive apartments in historical buildings located in centers of Polish cities.Niter Enterprise Sp. z o.o. commenced with sales of luxury apartments within the "Rynek 50" Project in the Old Town Square in Wroc³aw in September 2009. More information is available under www.rynek50.pl

The Company is a member of the Griffin Investments Partners Holding, investing into real properties in Central and Eastern Europe. Griffin Real Estate is the developer arm of the corporation, which also includes Griffin High Street, investing into high street commercial spaces, and Griffin Property Finance – a mezzanine fund, dedicated to the real properties market and managed in Poland by Griffin Advisors.

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